About Auditor Supervision - Scientology Training

Auditor Supervision

Successful auditing is a team activity requiring the work of additional people besides the auditor and preclear.

In order to ensure technology is applied correctly in all cases, auditing is overseen by another technically trained person called the Case Supervisor (C/S). The Case Supervisor directs auditing actions for each individual preclear under his care. Case is a general term for a person being treated or helped. The Case Supervisor’s purpose is to see that the technology is standardly applied for the greatest possible benefit for the preclear. Ultimately, it is the Case Supervisor who is responsible for the technical quality in his area.

The Case Supervisor is a highly trained and interned auditor who does additional training in the technology of supervising auditing. Not every auditor becomes a C/S, but every Case Supervisor is a highly skilled auditor.

The Case Supervisor reviews all auditing sessions done by auditors under his charge. He verifies the auditor’s application was standardly done. He directs the auditor on what process to run next on his preclear, based on an overall program of auditing drawn up especially for each individual to ensure his maximum progress. He helps the auditor apply the technology correctly and, if some error in procedure is made, he sees that the auditor is corrected. The C/S, not being directly involved in the session, studies the technical report made by the auditor; this distance often furnishes a clear and valuable view of the preclear’s overall progress.

Case Supervisor training consists of courses, followed by internships of their own where the student learns the technology of case supervision and then gains practical experience supervising the auditing of others. There are C/S courses following Class IV, Class V, Class VI, Class VIII, Class IX and Class XII