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Perfecting Skills of Application

Auditor Internships

After training, an auditor’s skills are developed by experience in auditing others.This is done on internships which come after selected courses.

An internship is a period of serving as an intern under the supervision of technical experts. As in other fields such as medicine where medical school graduates intern under experienced doctors to learn the profession, the recently graduated auditor gets "on-the-job" practical experience working under veteran auditors in the organization. In this way, his skills are honed and polished to a very high level of proficiency.

An intern’s auditing skills are carefully reviewed by technical experts. Practical application of actually auditing a preclear brings to light any weakness in the auditor’s ability to apply all of his materials. Particular emphasis is then given to these areas until the auditor becomes competent in them. The pattern of auditing, combined with inspection and any needed correction of errors, soon brings about a high level of expertise. Interns audit daily, and work up to an ability to do as much as ten hours of flawless auditing in a single day.

When interns have audited in volume and polished any rough edges so they can think with their materials without hesitation on what to do in an auditing session, they are an internship graduate.

An auditor who completes an internship invariably becomes more accomplished by virtue of the intensive supervision and assistance given by more highly trained and experienced personnel. Internships are rigorous and make a course graduate into a top-flight professional auditor while also raising his general competence in life.