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Technical Specialist Courses

Factors can arise in a preclear’s life which threaten to halt his progress on The Bridge. Different case problems can exist that are best handled by special processes and rundowns not contained in the normal course of auditing actions on the Bridge. So, in addition to the numbered auditor classifications, other training courses teach specialized techniques to help people resolve an array of conditions.

These are classified as Technical Specialist Courses. They comprise a body of postgraduate studies which train an auditor in the technology of a specific rundown or technical skill not covered in Academy classification courses. Each course is only a few days’ duration and requires no interning. The procedure learned will resolve an exact condition in the preclear, enabling him to continue to progress up the Bridge.

Technical Specialist Courses are the most direct way for an auditor to learn all the procedures necessary to handle any preclear.These techniques in addition to the full philosophical theory underlying them are included within the more extensive Saint Hill™ Special Briefing Course.) On Technical Specialist Courses an auditor learns how, for example, to repair victims of psychiatric abuse, to aid students in resolving study difficulties,to assist people in overcoming specific fears and to help others rid themselves of false purposes.These are all conditions that can slow a preclear’s progress, but an auditor trained on Technical Specialist Courses is fully capable of helping any person resolve such barriers so that he may move on up the Bridge to Total Freedom.

The Technical Specialist Courses train an auditor on the specialized techniques to resolve a broad spectrum of mental and spiritual maladies. There are 19 separate courses, each covering a different subject.