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Advanced Auditor Training

Several more classes of auditor training exist above the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. These are Classes VII through XII. Each of these auditor classifications teaches advanced auditing techniques and requires that the auditor be very well trained on the lower classifications in order to apply them.

As Mr. Hubbard’s research brought to view higher realms of awareness and ability, he codified auditing actions which would allow others to attain these. Of special distinction among the resulting courses is the Class VIII Auditor Course. This stresses an exact, unvarying standard of auditing technology application to all preclears.

Below Class VIII, an auditor learns different styles of auditing,processes, techniques and theory. One has to know all this data before taking the next step; one can then totally align all this knowledge into a simple but wholly effective ability to achieve stellar auditing results on any preclear. That is what a Class VIII Auditor can do, and there are no shortcuts to its attainment.

He is trained to administer auditing technology with flawless and invariable precision, a necessity for the advanced techniques and rundowns he learns here. He studies the materials of the course, including nineteen lectures, three times to reach the understanding which underlies a Class VIII Auditor’s effortless competence. At Class VIII the highest standards of application are reinforced again and again until the student applies them and nothing else. He gains an absolute certainty in the precision of auditing and knows he can get results on any preclear with it. The power in the vast technical data of Scientology becomes concentrated into a relatively few essentials. In the hands of a Class VIII Auditor these essentials produce the high-velocity gains which result from perfect application.